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Appropriate Wedding Favours

by Coy Thornton

Why Wedding Favours?

Don't underestimate the importance of wedding favours, the tradition of handing out tokens, favours, keepsakes or bombonieres dates back a lot of years. Wedding favours are a reflection of the gratitude the bride and groom express for sharing in one of their most memorable occasions of their lives. Guests cherish wedding favours - it is the universal "Thank You for Sharing in Our Day".

How will your friends remember your wedding ceremony apart from other weddings they have been to? With the wedding favours you choose to distribute. Decide on a wedding favour that genuinely means something, one that is functional and long lasting or that fits your wedding's theme. Give a favour that makes an impression - one that stands out - one thing definitely amazing but that will not break your bank.

Stylish? Unique? Chic? Romantic? What is your wedding theme?

When selecting your wedding favours they should reflect your personal preference. Wedding favours will leave a long impression on your friends - a single item that will elicit fond recollections of your blessed union. Favours can be inspired by the season, the setting, the theme, your obsessions or passions. Whether or not you are throwing a destination tropical seaside marriage ceremony, are passionate about baking, wishing for snowflakes on your unique day, or are head over heels for chocolate truffles - your favours should inspire you and fit in with your style.

Start your search for the best wedding favour by browsing through publications, web sites, specialty shops, chocolatiers, gift retailers and stationery boutiques. Collect concepts not only on the wedding favours, but how you would wrap and display them. Search for items which will be 'out of the norm' favours - something that you would love to have.

Is your wedding ceremony cantered on a distinct colour? Coloured candies in a tin, customised with your names & date. A coloured or scented candle to match your wedding theme. Does your wedding revolve about a specific flower? Give miniatures prepared in plant pots from a garden centre. Does the wine figure prominently? Martinis are in vogue, or a cocktail celebration reception? Wine, wine charms, wine stoppers, martini shot-glasses crammed with personalised cocktail mixes and stirrers wrapped up, coasters and other barware inspired gifts. Is Las Vegas or Atlantic City a favoured pastime? Give casino inspired favours - playing cards, customised chips, lucky blessing ring charms.

Thankfully, unlike in previous times, brides are not restricted just to candies and almonds as their wedding favours. Wedding experts constantly design and style new suggestions for wedding favours as trends alter seasonally and annually. Professionals come up with fresh wedding favours which are theme centred, fashionable, chic, stylish - but most of all affordable.

Who Gets Wedding Favours?

When the choice is finally made on the type of wedding favours, the dilemma is to decide if every individual person should get one favour or should it be given to each couple. A good rule of thumb is one wedding favour per couple (or family) or per single guest, or if your finances make it possible, one wedding favour per individual guest. If you are anxious about a couple getting two of the same wedding favours, you may wish to consider two different wedding favours (these could be one for the males and one for the females).

How to Pack Your Wedding Favours

How you package your favours is just as critical as what type of favour you give. From rigid containers, to clear cellophane bags, to bride & groom bins, small tin tubs, organza and tulle, handmade papers, colourful raffia - a bride's options are endless. Visit your local craft, stationary or cloth stores for some ideas and suggestions.

Seal your favours in the packages by attaching small self-adhesive thank you tokens or blessing rings. Connect a poem or thank you card. Include a monogram, sticker, or favour label. As soon as finished, your favour should be completely wrapped to be presented.

Presenting & Distributing Your Wedding Favours

How is each favour displayed and distributed?

The most popular way to give out wedding favours is by placing it at each place setting - if you are offering a wedding favour for each individual person. If you are organising for one wedding favour for each couple, you can place the wedding favour between their seating locations - and immediately in front of the seating place for single guests. Favours can also be utilised to hold the seating location cards, merely attach a ribbon or a pin to your favours and seating cards and set them up on the place card table - every single guest, single or couple, will be certain to receive a favour that way.

An additional choice is to create a wedding ceremony centrepiece in the middle of every dining table. With the sort of fancy packaging available nowadays, you can style a centrepiece that will stand out! Or you can create a favour table close to the door that would enable every guest to take a single favour package as they leave. Set up a frame on the table with the basic words, "Thank You, Please Take One. It Was So Sweet of You to Join Us". But just remember when you do this some guests may possibly consider taking much more than one!

Yet another thought is to hand your favours out by yourself as you are circulating and greeting your guests. If that is far too much of an undertaking, the waiting staff can carry favours on silver lined trays to every single table during the dessert course.

Wedding Favour Cost

Favours can cost from pennies up to double digits for each favour. If you wish to give more highly-priced favours, you can present one wedding favour for each couple and attach a personalized thank you tag to it (Mr. & Mrs Guest, Thank you for sharing in our day. Love, Mr & Mrs. Newlywed") and leave it between their seating places on the table. Favours are well worth the price tag - keep in mind guests look forward to acquiring them. If you are planning on buying a specified quantity of your favours - make sure they are purposeful, fun, meaningful and will not be left behind. Don't "cheap" out on your favours - guests DO notice when a bride does so. Devote what you can pay for - and give one thing that you would value getting.


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