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What Are Some Trendy Wedding Favours?

by Steven Barnhart

Finding the right trendy wedding favours for your wedding can be one of the hardest parts of putting the whole thing together. After all, few of us have the time to look through catalogues or bridal books for just the right small gift, and you also have the issue of expense. Because you will be buying many of these trendy wedding favours, price has to be an issue.

What Favours Are in Fashion Right Now?

You might be surprised to hear that wedding favours are largely regional in terms of what is trendy. What is trendy on the West Coast may not go over so well in the South. What is fashionable in Manhattan might not look so good in Hawaii, either. So you will need to keep your location in mind when you are doing your choosing.

Another thing to keep in mind is the people who will be at your wedding. Every wedding is a mix of young and old, often from different ethnicities or religions. This should be important to you since you don't want to give out trendy wedding favours that the older people find offensive or simply don't understand.

What Can You Try?

There are many unique trendy wedding favours that everyone everywhere will love. For instance, you might like to buy Chinese fortune cookies with personalized fortunes inside. Jars of hot sauce or honey or barbeque sauce (whatever is appropriate in your part of the country) with personalized labels can also be unique. These will be something that people can use long after the wedding is over.

Natural Products

There has been a large move toward natural products as trendy wedding favours recently. You can use stones, rocks, sea shells, leaves, or whatever is natural in your part of the country. If you met on the beach, then a box of sand with a gift in it might be unique. If you met in the woods, then pine needles would be appropriate.

Themed Gifts

Everyone has a hobby or a passion and if you are interested in incorporating yours into your wedding, then doing it in the wedding favours is the ideal place. For instance, if you and your spouse are golfers, then small favours that are golf-related (tees, balls, ball markers, etc.) might be a lot of fun. Alternatively, if you both love gardening or nature, then you can give out a little pot with seeds so that people can grow their own plant or tree in honour of your marriage.


It is important to remember that although you want the cutest and the most appropriate wedding favours, your budget might be very limited on a per person basis for these items. For that reason, you should look online for more alternatives and to see what other people have done. There is no need to break the bank on the wedding favours, but everyone understands that you want to give your guests the best and most unique gifts that you and your spouse can afford.


Getting married soon? The trend is your friend when it comes to deciding which trendy wedding favors or wedding decorations to use to set the theme for your wedding ceremony. You are only a mouse click away from awesome wedding favours!





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