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Wedding Favours Etiquette

by Veronica Jacobi

Guidelines for Wedding Favours Etiquette

Your Wedding is one of the most important events you will plan, are you familiar with the wedding etiquettes? At some point you might have had the concern about making an etiquette mistake at your reception. After all, don't you want everything to be perfect for that special day! Well, if you would like to avoid a possible embarrassing etiquette mistake, you might want to become familiar with all of the traditional wedding manners. One of the most popular traditions is wedding favours. Giving out wedding favours is an intricate part of a reception. Therefore, here are some guidelines you should follow for handling different situations.

Integrate the Theme for your Wedding Favours

If you decide to have your wedding favours incorporated into your theme, you may want to have a centre display with all the favours on a table - either with well-dressed decoration or a stylish basket. Place a note card on the presentation asking your guest to help him or herself to one of the wedding favours.

There are all sorts of favour ideas for you to look at for theme related weddings-Beach, Damask, and Asian themes are amongst some of the most popular.

Make Sure You Don't Run-out of Favours

I know your parents always told you to put a little on your plate, and if you need more you can always add more. Well, I hate to break this to you, but the opposite is true with wedding favours. It's best to have more than you need than too few. Having a few extras covers you in the event you have surprised guest or accidental breakage of a favour.

The traditional way of distributing favours is to have one for each of your guest next to their place setting. You may want to consider having one favour per couple if you are working with a limited budget. Therefore, you can minimize the number of wedding favours and use the additional money for other areas of your wedding. If you choose to go with one favour per couple, then make sure you place the favours between the couple's seats and have a card with both names on it so that they are aware the favour is to be shared. Photos frames or coasters are good favour ideas for this type of situation. Also don't forget, if you invite children or individuals who are solo, they will need individual favours.

Make it a Goodbye Gift

If you are having a buffet as opposed to the traditional sit down dinner, you could have your favours handed out or available on a table near the exit. Make sure to include a special thank-you note asking your guest to take one individually or per family.

Having your wedding favours as a parting gift will help your guest not to worry about carrying them around with them or possibly leaving them. If you decide to go this route, keep in thought, your guest will not be able to use them during the ceremony or reception, therefore make sure you choose the wedding favours carefully - you probably wouldn't want to go with a camera favour or bubbles blower.

Make your Wedding Favours a Surprise!

A unique way to hand out wedding favours is by putting them directly in the cars of your guest. You can ask the valet to do this for you or you can have one of you friends or family members help out. Try to visualize the surprise on your guests' face, when they return to their car to see that you have left them something special for being apart of your important day. Now make sure not to forget about the other passengers in the car!

There are several etiquette and traditions for both the ceremony and reception. Nevertheless, every bride and groom is different and every wedding unique. Ultimately, the wedding belongs to you, and so whatever you decide to do for your wedding favours are the best thing for you- after all, it's your special day!

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Kathy Wilson is an author and marriage planner. She offers one or two web sites that have valuable hints and tips on wedding place card holders and wedding centrepieces.





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