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Wedding Favours

Wedding favours form another part of your table decorations, however they are not simply for the effect and elegance of your reception tables, but they are a gift to say a special thank-you to the guests who have joined you to celebrate your wedding day. Your expression of appreciation through your wedding favours is a greatly appreciated gesture to your guests and a keepsake of the day that they have spent with you.

The small and personal touches make a big impact on your guests and your wedding day. When we're planning a wedding, most of us put more thought and attention into the preparation for this special day than any other time in our life. The finer details of the accessories that you arrange and gifts for your wedding guests can make a big difference. 

A wide range of wedding favors

Wedding Favours - A Personal Choice

Wedding favours come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and content. Each couple's wedding's favours will be a personal choice of the bride and groom, wrapped in a selected carry-away wrapping chosen from a wide range of types, shapes and colours that are available. We could not possibly list all of the selection that is available, wedding favours are as personal and unique as each of the couples who are giving them. Here are a few suggestions that you may wish to consider or adapt for your own wedding: 

  • candles
  • charm boxes
  • chocolates or sweets
  • colour-coordinated silk flowers
  • disposable cameras
  • engraved polished pebbles/stones
  • fortune cookies
  • glass angel or heart sculptures
  • guest photo albums
  • love angels
  • lucky horseshoes
  • mini shaped soaps
  • photo frames
  • place-card holders
  • scented lavender bags 

Carefully Wrapped Favours

There are many choices for the wrappings for favours, including those that are supplied with their own fancy packaging, you can choose to have them presented in traditional bomboniere nets, special shaped boxes (tuxedo, top hat, wedding dress, etc.), silk pouches or mini gift bags. The packaging of the wedding favor is something that you should carefully select, it is a gift to your guest and it should be presented nicely.

Traditional Wedding Favour

An age-old tradition is to give your guests a bomboniere net with a few sweets inside, tied with a nice ribbon and bow. Some of the more popular fillings include sugar coated almonds, love hearts, dolly mixtures, mint imperials, 'last' Rolo, chocolates and smaller sweets. If you are proposing to give anything that could be affected by the room temperature on the day (chocolate, for example), then make arrangements for cool storage of the favours until close to the time when they will be required.




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