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Choosing Wedding Favours

Can't decide on wedding favours for your wedding? There are so many kinds of wedding favors you could have - from something handmade to simple flowers, to very intricate, personalised wedding favors - and everything in-between.

Some brides pick the favours to reflect the wedding and its theme. Others like to match the colours of the wedding to their wedding favours. There are some who want something simple and personalised, as a keepsake for their guests to remember the wedding date.

Love birds wedding favors

We have put together some ideas for you to come up with wedding favors for your wedding.

Make Your Wedding Favours Yourself? 

Some brides or grooms love making things themselves. If that is you, and you don't have too many guests coming to the wedding, you may want to create something yourself. On the other hand, if you don't make things yourself, now is not the time to start. It would be better to buy simple favours, instead of spending your valuable time on learning how to make them.

Do You Want The Favours To Match Your Wedding Theme?

Pick something that will match your wedding theme. For example, if you are wearing a princess wedding dress, and your whole wedding is designed around a fairy tale theme, picking wedding favours that reflect the fairy tale theme as well would be the most appropriate.

Personalised Wedding Favours Are very Popular

Get your favours personalised with your names, the wedding date, the location, etc.

Simple Favours

Sometimes you want to have favours, but you want something very simple. In that case, you might want to just buy items that you could use as favours - simple candles, bomboniere nets or flowers come to mind.

Use Packs Of Seeds As Wedding Favours 

We love seeds as wedding favours - they symbolise the beginning of your new life and new family, and your guests will be able to use the favours! Give them seed packets with seeds that they can plant, you may even wish to add your own personal note or poem. A favour like this will definitely be used.


Enjoy finding the perfect favours for your wedding!




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