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Personalise Your Wedding Favours

Personalised wedding favours for your reception and for your guests adds a special touch to the theme of your wedding. Wedding days are very emotional, there isn't a much happier time in anyone's calendar. It takes a great deal of time and effort, planning and organising to make a wedding spectacular, and there are a number of special touches you can use to make it special and personal to the happy couple. 

Amidst all the flowers, the cake, the jubilant guests and the blushing bride, there is true happiness at a wedding. There's no denying that weddings are truly special occasions, something to be immortalised and remembered forever. What better way to capture the very special day than with truly special wedding favors? Your guests will always be reminded of this happy day, and have a lovely keepsake to cherish and hold dear. Not only will personalised wedding favours please your wedding guests, but it will also please you to know that your happiness is being shared with others.

Personalised wedding favor boxes

There is a wide array of choices for wedding favors, from customised candles, to fortune cookies, to photo frames, and anything else that you may choose to add that special and personal flair to your wedding. Your efforts will be well rewarded as your guests have that special memento to commemorate the occasion. 

Wedding Favours For The Female Guests

For the female guests you may wish to consider favours like customised cosmetic bags, personalised lip balm, tote bags, crystal charm bracelets, and even toiletry bags. 

Wedding Favours For The Male Guests

For the male guests at your wedding, there is an equally wide array of favours to choose from. Included in your considerations for wedding favors for the males may be personalised poker sets, wine gift sets, custom hot sauce bottles, chocolate bars, mint tins, and specially created cookies.

Customise Your Wedding Favours To The Theme

If you're having a wedding theme, you may be able to customise the wedding favours to fit the theme of your wedding day, reflective of your colour scheme, the venue, the dress style, etc. There are no limits to how you personalise the favours to the happy couple, or how meaningful they can be.

Wedding Favours For The Bridal Party

The bride may wish to consider investing in comfy slippers and pyjama sets as favors for her wedding party, especially if many of them are to be staying in a hotel following the wedding reception. It's a thoughtful and practical gesture and will give them a lovely souvenir of your wedding day. These may also be personalised by embroidery and, for that special touch, you may want to consider getting each set in the favourite colour of each woman in the bridal party.  

Wedding Favours For The Groomsmen

You should consider giving each male member of the groom's party something uniquely personalised to the happy couple and memorable. You may invest in silver pocket watches, or perhaps even engraved leather flasks or monogrammed cuff links. Any special favor like that will be kept long after the wedding has ended, and will surely show your appreciation of their presence on your wedding day.

Wedding Favours Show Your Appreciation To Your Guests

Whilst your wedding is undoubtedly your special day, it is thoughtful and considerate to show those who have joined you to celebrate that they are important to you and that their presence at your wedding is greatly appreciated. A wedding favour that is personalised to the happy couple makes a perfect gift for your guests and definitely won't go unnoticed.

Create A Lasting Memory With Your Wedding Favours

Weddings are magical occasions, if you want to create lasting memories of yours, investing in truly personal favours is something that will be appreciated for years to come. Whilst the bride and groom are the centre of every wedding celebration, you will want your guests to know that they were also in your thoughts throughout the day. That's why beautiful and very personal wedding favours are really so important - not only do they extend your welcome to your guests, they also give everyone a truly heartfelt gift to take home after the festivities have drawn to a close. 

Every bride and groom should give thoughtful consideration to their wedding favours. With a host of websites and specialty shops these days, you're almost guaranteed to find unique and beautiful wedding favours for your celebration, even if you have a themed wedding! It's these special touches that make your wedding so magical.

When the bride and groom have jetted off to their honeymoon, when the celebration has ended, the rice has been thrown and the doves have been released, these mementos will stay with your wedding guests as a constant reminder of your happiness and love. Your beautiful celebration will forever be immortalised in your personal and thoughtful wedding favours. These will be what your wedding guests look at years from now when they recall fond memories of your wedding day.




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